Skateboard FAQ’s

Q- When can I use my Skateboard at Transgression?

A- Skateboards are welcome during all session times except during special events such as BMX or Scooter contests. Any such events will be clearly advertised on our website.

Q- What type of Skateboard can I use at the park?

A- Our park is designed for standard Skateboards of all shapes and sizes, We do not allow any other type of Skateboards on the park unless it can be reasonably proven that it is fit for purpose and safe to use.

Q- Can I bring my own Skateboard?

A- Yes

Q- Can I hire Skateboards at the park?

A- Yes, We have a limited number of standard size (7.5”-7.75”) Skateboards available for hire @ £5 for the first hour and £3 per hour thereafter. These can be reserved by calling us on 0131 629 1831.

Q- Can I use wax in the park?

A- We allow waxing of rails and coping within the park but do insist that no wax is applied to any wooden surfaces. If in any doubt please ask a member of staff for assistance.