05 December 2018

Graffiti Classes with Spectrum Arts

Graffiti Classes, Workshops and Parties now available!

Our good friends at Spectrum Arts have a range of Graffiti Classes and Workshops available to book now. See below for details and visit their website for more info: https://www.spectrumarts.co.uk/book-graffiti-classes/

Graffiti Classes, Lessons and courses in Edinburgh

Our graffiti and street art classes are a great way to learn an exciting new hobby or develop your painting style. Learning while in a safe and controlled environment, our experienced and professional artists will help you transform your ideas into reality.

We teach a variety of techniques and formats such as graffiti lettering, characters, fading and stencils in addition to demonstrating best practice with spray cans. These skills can be developed further with each class.

We offer regular classes which can be booked online! We can also offer tutoring courses – please get in touch if you would like to book one of these.

Looking for group workshops or team building activities? Try our Graffiti Workshops page!

We provide the expertise and the tools – the only requirement is to arrive ready to create!

To book single classes online CLICK HERE

Graffiti classes run for 1 hour and can cover the following:

  • A brief introduction to the graffiti art subculture and your responsibilities as part of it
  • How to use the materials safely
  • Demonstration of painting techniques
  • Lettering/Style – Learn to create your own graffiti tag and lettering style
  • Prefer a character? We can show you the basics of how to create your own graffiti style character
  • An introduction to using stencils
  • Developing the skills and techniques learned in previous classes

Classes involving, drawing, paint markers and canvas are also available on request.


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