Foam Dart Thunder

Next FDT is set for 4th November.

Check out their website for event details:


Q: When will the event be held? A: Saturday 25th November. We will likely look to add another date(s) as well due to anticipated demand.

Q: What’s the event called? A: We have a name for the event agreed and are working on the marketing right now – once that’s done we’ll reveal the name!

Q: How many sessions will you be running on that night? A: Two – one early evening and one later.

Q: How long will the sessions last? A: 2 hours.

Q: How old do you have to be? A: This event is for anyone aged 8 and over. We’ll aim to make the later session 14 and over only.

Q: Will there be actual zombies? A: Well, not actual zombies but actors, yes.

Q: When will tickets be on sale and how much are they? A: We’re still working out all the costs and getting quotes from suppliers – we hope to have them all in by the end of this week and then we can work out ticket pricing. To give you an idea our recent Secret Bunker event cost £20 plus £2 booking fee – that one sold out through our regular players before we even had a chance to offer a public sale. Once we work out the ticket price we’ll tell you and get an online sale organised.

Q: What will happen on the night? A: Once you have secured your ticket you’ll be allocated one of two teams. You’ll be expected to dress accordingly! Your team will play against the other team to reach objectives and complete missions throughout the mall. This will be done with the added threat of the zombies tagging you. If you’re shot by the other team or tagged by a zombie you’ll have to head to one of several “Respawn Points” before you can continue playing. The last game will be the Nerf favourite “Humans Versus Zombies” where the last human to be turned into a brainmunching zombie is the “winner”. But HvZ is really about taking part – a lot of people actually prefer to start as a zombie in this final game!

Q: So this isn’t a Zombie “shoot em up” walkthrough experience? A: No it’s not. You will spend most of your time shooting Nerf darts at the other team whilst trying to avoid being shot or tagged by a zombie. We don’t believe this type of event has been run before, and it’s certainly never been done in a shopping centre!

Q: Do I need to bring my own Nerf gear? A: We expect most players to have their own gear but we’ll find out if you need any help and will provide blasters should you need them.

Q: Do I have to bring my own darts/Mega darts/Rival High Impact Rounds (Hirs)? A: Regular Nerf darts, no as we will provide those. If you want to bring Megas or Hirs you’ll have to bring your own.

Q: There seems to be a lot of interest in this event – will everyone get a ticket? A: From the response to the Facebook post, no, there’s way too many people. The way we will deal with that is try and secure more dates and more sessions so that everyone gets to take part.

Q: I’m a Nerf geek – what’s the maximum FPS (Feet Per Second) allowed on modded blasters? A: This will be the same limit as all our skate park wars – 100fps. Safe enough but also fun enough.

Q: Can I be a zombie? A: Yes you can! We have limited space for volunteer zombies. Just get in touch.

Q: How can I keep up to date with all the latest news on this event? A: The best way is sign up for updates below!

Check out our video trailer from the Secret Bunker!